Owners and General Managers

Are any of the achievements below on your list of goals, plans or objectives for the next 12 months?? If so, the good news is that RPM has created a proven, repeatable system to deliver results such as:

  1. Increased revenue from full system replacements: you could increase it by $320,000* by finding just 50 extra customers who buy a full system replacement. Other dealers have found these extra opportunities customers who used them before – but then disappeared for a year or longer.
  1. Increased revenue from maintenance work: adding just 400 customers to the agreement base would increase maintenance revenue by $150,000*. Other dealers have made this happen thru better follow-up to increase agreement renewals – while saving over $40,000 in related expenses.
  2. Increased revenue from repair work: just 250 extra customers who use you for repair work would boost repair revenue by $100,000*. Owners of homes which used to be owned by one of your customers, would be a great source of these extra customers.  

It’s obviously difficult to determine at this point what possibilities are realistic in your case. But if you generated a call to action, we could quickly determine each and every possibility that would be right for you.

These are possibilities to achieve revenue growth exceeding 12% – and to achieve additional expense cuts exceeding $50,000. These are also possibilities that can be launched within 90 days – with clear, measurable results 90 days later.

Group of colleagues looking at manager sharing and explaining idea

Group of colleagues looking at manager sharing and explaining idea

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